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ERP Development Company in Chennai

ERP Development

Speed up your workflow and boost productivity with topnotch CRM and ERP software applications developed to cater to your business needs. Managing multiple customers dotted at various corners of the country/world is definitely tedious, but the right CRM software can ease your job! Attending to customer queries, follow-ups, lead management, billing, closure, project assignment, work assessment, business analytics, and more can get a lot more convenient.

CRM Development

We understand your business model, work processes involved and its hierarchy and produce CRM - Customer Relationship Management and ERP - Enterprise Resource planning softwares that can streamline your processes on the whole and save you more time and manpower. While ERP roofs all your workforce under one, CRM maps and consolidates your divergent customers at various stages of processing.

CRM Development Company in Chennai
ERP & CRM Development Company in Chennai

With a structurally sound, efficacious tool built from the hands of Muviereck Technologies, the Best ERP development in Chennai, you’re set free to enjoy seamless business processing. From entertainment to ecommerce, we hold the expertise in offering the Best CRM Development in Chennai. Be it ready-made or customized CRM/ERP development in Chennai, Muviereck guarantees to serve you the best.

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FAQ For ERPandCRMDevelopment

ERP software automates corporate activities and delivers insights and internal controls based on data from accounting, manufacturing, supply chain, sales, marketing, and human resources (HR).

The benefits of an ERP system for your businesses are:

  • Optimizing Efficiency
  • Increasing Team Collaboration
  • Reducing Operating Costs
  • Improving Data Security
  • Making Realistic, Accurate Forecasts

There are three major reasons why companies undertake ERP:

To integrate financial data - A CEO's search for truth may lead to many diverse outcomes. Finance has its own income numbers, sales have another, and various business divisions may have their own.  ERP generates a single version of the truth that cannot be questioned because everyone uses the same system.

To standardize manufacturing processes - Manufacturing businesses usually find that separate business divisions create the same product using different methods and computer systems. It saves time, increases productivity, and reduces headcount by standardising operations.

To standardize HR information - HR may lack a unified, easy mechanism for tracking employee time and conveying perks and services. ERP system helps for that.

The ability to automate critical business operations with minimal entry costs and quick deployment makes ERP a high ROI investment for most firms.

The following are other ERP advantages:

  • Automated Workflow Processes and Fewer Errors.
  • Improved Collaboration.
  • Increased Productivity.
  • Decreased Operating Costs.

We offer excellent customer service and support during ERP implementation. Our well-trained and experienced team of experts is always willing to go that extra mile to help customers.

The first phase is discovery, when we identify your business's readiness for ERP installation. After that, our ERP consultants will set up and train your users on how to use the programme regularly. Finally, the implementation process would be wrapped up. Your ERP software will now go live.

While each department has its own purpose, they all work towards a shared aim or mission. The most important benefit of integrating departments is centralizing corporate success factors. Another advantage of good ERP software is that all business units use the same data definitions.

Muviereck Technologies ERP software is very customizable. We treat each client differently and customize our services to your specific needs. If your company grows, you can always add more users. Users can be removed later.

When SMBs rapidly adopt new IT business solutions, anyone who does not stay up will be left behind. Keeping this in mind and in order to assist SMBs in implementing an ERP system with minimal expenditure, we can assist you in building the finest ERP system for your organisation.

We offer customized ERP software based on your business niche, project goals, decision-makers, and company structure.


Organizations stuck on outdated legacy systems often suffer from manual and inefficient processes for years before making a shift. Without a new system, your company's morale and production would suffer, thus you should seriously consider an ERP system.

Yes, we provide mobile apps for ERP software that can be used on any device, anywhere.


  • Defining user roles and controls
  • Self-registration of users
  • Track each lead's behavior and actions.
  • Automated lead generation using two lines of code 
  • Managing tax and discounts
  • Multi-currency support
  • Organize quotes, departments, and products
  • Follow-up and update activity notifications
  • 94+ language support
  • Interested audience view - List of target audience interested in your product
  • Possible lead Report - View of target audience interested in your product
  • Detailed pipeline report - Set the monthly pipeline and check the targets and invoices.

Our CRM solution aligns all departments with a customer-centric mindset. The cost-effective and engaging solution improves client satisfaction. Muviereck Technologies CRM products are designed with a full understanding of your prospectus' needs.

Yes! For the best CRM software solutions, contact Muviereck Technologies. For sales, marketing automation, customer relations and services, our platform offers several customization options.

Want quick business growth? CRM is the ideal answer. CRM software enhances sales, marketing, and customer support to help your company expand. With it, you can trace every step of the deal and learn everything about the prospect.

CRM is abbreviated by Customer relationship management. A customer relationship management system (CRM) is a tool, strategy, or approach that helps firms manage and access client information.

According to Gartner, CRM software totaled $48.2 billion in 2018 and will continue to climb through 2022. CRM is a management approach that boosts profits by increasing client loyalty and income. A CRM tool offers a simple user interface that allows businesses to acknowledge and connect with clients.

CRM is a strategy for managing customer connections. Business owners can use it to optimise processes, stay connected to customers, and increase profits

There are three main types of CRM systems: 

  • Collaborative (streamlines business operations and guides customers)
  • Analytical (Connect employees from different teams in real-time through mobiles)
  • Operational (comprehensive and essential customer data analysis)

PHP, Oracle, MySQL, and JavaScript are some of the technologies utilized to create effective CRM systems.

To streamline sales processes and track performance, improve customer service, manage long-term valuable clients, or when reporting takes too long.